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Nothing else looks like a Sadfairy case because nothing else is made like a Sadfairy case.

State of the art uv printed graphics

Most phone case companies use conventional printers to print their designs onto their cases. This process allows ink to absorb into a material as the solvents in the pigments slowly evaporate.

At Sadfairy we wanted to create a superior product.

As opposed to traditional solvent-based inks which fade over time, scratch, rub off and loses detail we opted to a use a new technology that most people had never thought to use on phone cases.
        The chemical reaction caused by the intense UV light is what distinguishes our printing process from others. The print-head has a UV light source that follows the ink as it is sprayed from a jet, instantly curing the ink and causing it to chemically adhere to the plastic of the case.
       This makes for finish that is completely scratch proof, fade proof and so vibrant that most of our customers say the cases look better in person than they do in photographs!

two seperate shells of vacuum formed military grade plastic 

We use vacuum pressure to form our cases into the shape of the different phone models we supply cases for. This process allows us to make cases that fit extremely tightly to the shape of your phone. This is important because many tests have shown that often times it is the mis-fittment of a phone cases that causes it to be less protective and not the materials it is made out of. .

Even with our cases fitting like a glove we had no intention of using weak materials.

All of our cases feature an Internal shock resistant rubber liner that surrounds all surfaces of the phone. Surrounding that layer is military grade Polycarbonate plastic. If you can break your phone in this case, we would love to know how because we sure haven't been able to!

6 Things not to worry about with a sadfairy phone case.

Being stuck with a case that doesn't match your unique style.

Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals and that's the last kind of energy anybody needs in their life. At Sadfairy we aim to create a community surrounding, self-love, self confidence and confidence by providing our customers with the designs they need to stand out! If for whatever reason you decide within the first 10 days of receiving your case that its not for you we wont hesitate to issue you a full refund.

Being worried that your phone case is not tough enough

Here are a few helpful suggestions that can help keep your phone safe from damage.
1: Put your phone in a Sadfairy phone cases.
2: Live your best life.

Being worried that your phone case will go out of style

We feel that the real product Sadfairy customers are interested in is trendsetting. 
       Our team of designers have years of experience and are unmatched in creativity and execution of never before seen aesthetics and designs that will never go out of style.

Having a generic phone case that doesn't represent who you are

You dress your body so that what's outside matches what's inside. Inside your phone is an extension of your of your unique personality, so wouldn't you want the outside to match? We design our cases with a specific audience in mind, always keeping ours eyes open to the styles and aesthetics that our customers identify with. The one thing we can say with %100 certainty is that NOONE makes cases that look like ours.

Feeling woried your case will fade over time

Unlike other phone case companies, Sadfairy goes the extra mile to employ cutting edge manufacturing technology that prevents the graphics on our cases from fading or tarnishing over time. The UV printing process that we use is impervious to yellowing and fading caused from repeated exposure to changing temperatures and the sun.

Having a phone cases that's too bulky

Thanks to the ultra precise vacuum forming process we use to produce our cases, the cases have an extremely tight fit making them more slim and more protective than traditional cases that are far more bulky.

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