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Bold. Just Like You.

During the summer of 2020 I was looking for a phone case as a gift for my girlfriend. After searching for sometime I was surprised to find out that the selection for protective phone cases with original trendsetting designs was actually surprisingly limited. I then thought to myself "how hard can it be?"  

"How hard can it be?"


After this realization I started putting some designs together on photoshop. After Dozens of failed designs I had one or two that I was willing to move forward with. Between finding a supplier that could produce my cases and building a full-fledged website, I had a lot of research to do. Fast forward a few months and I had found a quality manufacture, built a website and created as many more designs as I possibly could. I was ready to launch!
         For months business was non-existent, selling cases at a discount to only friends and family. The only reason I didn't even think about giving up is that I had gotten an amazing response from all the people that I had sold cases to so far. Based on the idea that there was something special about my cases, in October I took a big risk and spent November's rent money on a Facebook ad campaign thinking I would easily make my money back. The campaign generated a grand total of 6 sales. Needless to say, I was in trouble.

"I was in trouble."

Out of desperation I started giving some thought to the power of the new social media phenomenon that was TikTok. I started doing my best to come up with TikTok content surrounding the cases on a daily basis for weeks.
         On the 3rd of November I posted a video on TikTok just like I had many times before. It was clear though after a few hours that something was different about this post. More people than ever were commenting on how much they loved the cases and the video was starting to get a surprising amount of shares.

Little did I know
something much bigger was about to happen...

        In less than 3 days this particular video gained over 1 million likes, 3.5 million views and sent over 150 thousand people to Sadfairy.com. Just like that, the Sadfairy brand had a customer base of nearly 2000 people!
        Its hard to believe considering the fact that In the beginning I started out handmaking cases by buying clear phone covers at Walmart and jamming paper that I had printed designs on from a printer at school. Today I am as passionate and devoted as ever to creating trailblazing designs that allow people to express their unique style!

Who Is Sadfairy?

The Dream Team

With thousands of customers comes great responsibility. Within days of receiving my first influx of orders my email inbox was filled with hundreds of emails.
        Having worked with Daniel on a previous project I knew he was the only person I trusted to be a customer service representative for Sadfairy.com. Daniel is caring, intelligent and absolutely amazing at his job. If you ever have any questions, or concerns about your order you can reach Daniel by sending a message to the contact us page. 
        Krysta is the art work assistant at Sadfairy.com,  you may recognize her for her incredible work on our bestselling "Dreams Do Come Shroom" collection. Krysta is a college educated fine artist who insures that all of our designs are completely unparalleled by any other company.   


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