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So you want to be an ambassador?

We'd love to have you! We have no requirements for follower count or engagement. If you send us a good photo, we'll post it!  

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Read the following guide for information on how to take your ambassador photos!

The 4 primary elements of a great ambassador photo

1. GOOD LIGHTING: The most important thing in any photo is that you can see it! It is essential that photos be taken either outside, near a window or if indoors at nighttime there needs to be an adequate indoor light source. Scroll down to view examples of well lit photos.

2. OUTFIT CHOICE : Sadfairy.com aims to include as many unique styles and personalities as possible. We want our ambassadors to wear clothing that reflects their personal style of self expression. Your photo should include an eye catching outfit that represents you! Scroll down to view examples of outfits other ambassadors have worn in their photos

3. SETTING: An other key element to a great photo is setting. Where you capture your photo can really take it to the next level! Here are some examples of interesting photo settings you could use as inspiration; picnics, grocery stores, thrift stores, parking garages, dressing rooms, rooms or areas with lots of plants, rooms with mirrors, bedrooms, cars, gas stations, hotels, pool/hotubs, museums, cities, beaches, or anywhere else that you think would make for an eye catching photo. Scroll down to view examples of photos with good setting 

 This is BY FAR the most important one. The last thing we want is for our ambassador photos look like ads. We simply want the photo to be great picture of you and your unique style that the phone case just happens to be in.  Scroll down to see examples

Examples of photos currently on our feed

Keep in mind each of the ambassadors in the photos below were able to achieve each of the 4 elements. Just because the photos are in one category and not an other doesn't mean that they are in any way better or worse.

GOOD LIGHTING  This photo taken by @yussimoralesss is a great example of a well lit photo. She is outside, all the colors in the photo are popping and the details of her outfit and the case are easily seen.

OUTFIT CHOICE: Notice how @gracemartiin uses her outfit accessories (rings,earings,eyeliner) to make the photo more representative of her unique style style.

OUTFIT CHOICE: We love how @shakira.boltuc took the liberty to do something completely different with her outfit. Who would have thought zebra print would match so well with our Pink Envy case? Thanks to Shakira, now we know!

OUTFIT CHOICE:  @avakuhn_ has done a great job of creating an eye catching outfit that is completely unique to her! 

OUTFIT CHOICE:  @abbigailhopee photo below is a great example of how you really don't need anything crazy to create a great photo. She put some simple clothing items together to create a completely new outfit and took the photo in a well lit bathroom and we absolutely love it!

SETTING:  This photo by @tessalevin is nice example of an interesting setting/background. She is posed in front of a mirror which is reflecting the photo wall and some of the vegetation behind her and it looks great!

SETTING:  @visualizingvivian photo is a great example of how you can easily take a photo to the next level using setting. In this photo she is posed on the top of a parking garage at sunset and its just perfect!

SETTING:  We're obsessed with how @casuallyexploding edited in green fairy wings to to add some extra color and spice to an already stunning photo!